What Is a Home Remedy for Curing Back Spasms?


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Although they offer no guarantee of a permanent cure, home remedies can offer some relief for back spasms and pain. Some of these remedies include capsaicin cream, vitamin D, certain herbs and magnesium supplements, according to About.com. Yoga and massage may also help.

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What Is a Home Remedy for Curing Back Spasms?
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Capsaicin cream applied to the skin can produce an analgesic effect that helps relieve back spasms, claims About.com. Available at drugstores, capsaicin cream contains the substance that makes peppers hot, so a stinging or burning sensation may occur when using this treatment. Pain in the muscles may be due to low vitamin D levels, so taking vitamin D supplements or eating more food containing vitamin D may also help to treat spasms in the back.

A number of herbs, such as white willow bark and devil's claw, may offer relief for back spasms, explains About.com. These herbs work like aspirin to relieve pain. White willow bark, for example, is turned into salicylic acid when processed by the body, just as aspirin is. Devil's claw is a bit different, however, and works because it contains harpagosides, compounds that produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Magnesium is effective for pain relief because it is known to have relaxing effects and helps promote normal muscle and nerve function.

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