What Is a Home Remedy for Cradle Cap?


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There are a number of home remedies for cradle cap, including mild shampoo, soft brushes and petroleum jelly, explains Mayo Clinic. Cradle cap can be prevented by washing the baby's head in mild shampoo every few days.

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Cradle cap can be managed easily by following a few self-care guidelines, according to Mayo Clinic. Start by gently rubbing the scalp of the baby with a washcloth or fingers to remove loose skin and scales. Wash the baby's hair at least once a day in mild baby shampoo. Before rinsing the shampoo, take a brush with soft bristles, and loosen the remaining scales.

If the scales are not easy to remove, using mineral oil or rubbing petroleum jelly on the scalp may also work, states Mayo Clinic. Allow the petroleum jelly or mineral oil to soak in for a few minutes, and then use a soft brush on his head. Shampoo as usual, making sure all of the oil is removed. Oil that is allowed to remain on his head may cause the cradle cap to worsen. When the scales are all gone, it is important to continue to wash the baby's hair every few days with mild baby shampoo. This helps keep the cradle cap from reforming.

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