What Is a Home Remedy for Arthritis in the Hands?


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Performing range-of-motion exercises, using hand tools, and applying heat or cold are all home remedies for arthritis in the hands, explains Mayo Clinic. Avoiding clenching of the hands is also recommended to treat arthritis at home.

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What Is a Home Remedy for Arthritis in the Hands?
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Exercises that move the thumb through a full range of motion can help improve the mobility of the joint, according to Mayo Clinic. A therapist or doctor can suggest specific techniques that are best for the hand. Another way a person can treat arthritis at home is to use hand tools such as jar openers, large zipper pulls and key turners. It is recommended to use tools and utensils with large handles, and replacing traditional door handles with levers may also help. This equipment is usually available by catalog, and a doctor may suggest the best tools to use.

Using heat and cold is another effective home treatment for arthritis of the hands, Mayo Clinic explains. A doctor may suggest using either heat or cold and sometimes may suggest a combination of both, depending on the severity of the arthritis. Women can treat arthritis by avoiding purses with handles, and all people suffering from arthritis are advised to use paper bags that can be balanced on the hip and arm instead of those that need to be carried in the hands.

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