What Home Remedies Work Best to Ease the Symptoms of an Irritable Bowel?

Eating frequently and avoiding certain foods work best to ease symptoms of an irritable bowel, according to Mayo Clinic. Eating regularly, drinking enough liquids and exercising frequently may aid in treating an irritable bowel as well.

Taking regular meals at the same time every day may help treat an irritable bowel, states Mayo Clinic. A person with diarrhea should eat small meals many times a day. However, consuming large meals may help relieve constipation. Caffeinated drinks, soda, alcohol, sugar-free sweeteners and chocolate may irritate the bowel. Other foods that can worsen the condition include dairy products, broccoli, cabbage, beans and cauliflower. Drinking via a straw and chewing gum, which cause swallowing of gas, may aggravate the condition.

Exercise helps reduce stress and depression and triggers the contraction of intestinal muscles, explains Mayo Clinic. A patient with bowel problems should consult with a doctor before undertaking an exercise plan. Meditation, yoga and massage may aid in relieving stress as well. Herbs such as peppermint may aid in relaxing intestinal muscles.

High-fiber foods such as beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains may help in reversing bowel problems, according to Mayo Clinic. However, fiber may worsen gas and bloating. A person with digestion problems should replace these foods with supplements. The patient should seek medical assistance if symptoms persist.