What Home Remedies Are There for the Treatment of Gout?


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Resting whatever joint is affected by the gout flare-up is one way of treating the condition, according to WebMD. An individual should rest the joint until the attack eases and for 24 hours after the attack. Other treatment options include using ice to control pain and swelling and elevating the joint.

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A person can also take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications during a gout flare-up, states WebMD. However, a person shouldn't take aspirin to relieve the pain from gout, as the drug can alter a person's uric acid level, which could make symptoms worse. Drinking water may also help some people, as a lack of water in a person's body elevates uric acid levels. Drinking water lowers these levels, which may ease symptoms.

Additionally, a person can take steps to prevent gout attacks by watching what she eats, according to WebMD. People with gout should avoid foods that are high in substances called purines. These foods include seafood and organ meats, such as liver. A person should also watch her weight, as being overweight increases the chances that a person can develop gout. If a person is already overweight and wishes to lose weight, then she should follow a low-fat diet instead of a low-calorie diet, as low-calorie diets can elevate uric acid levels, increasing the risk of an attack.

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