What Are Some Home Remedies to Treat Minor Burns?


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Home remedies to treat a minor burn include holding the area under cool running water for about 15 minutes or soaking a clean towel in cool water and holding it to the burn, according to Mayo Clinic. Use cool, but not cold, water. Do not use ice, advises MedlinePlus.

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What Are Some Home Remedies to Treat Minor Burns?
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The water can come from a shower, sink or garden hose. Rings or other constricting materials need to be removed quickly from the injured area. This is because the burned area swells, and removing the jewelry becomes much more difficult after swelling, notes Mayo Clinic.

The patient can lightly apply a moisturizer such as hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera gel to the burned area, says Mayo Clinic. Avoid substances such as butter, egg whites, oil or cream, explains MedlinePlus. The patient can also take over-the-counter pain medicines. A person with a minor burn should get a tetanus shot if his tetanus shot is not up to date.

A minor burn is treated at home unless it is found on a large area of the hands, face, groin, buttocks, feet or a major joint in the body, states Mayo Clinic. The patient should also see a doctor if the burn is the result of an open fire, chemicals or an electrical wire, according to MedlinePlus.

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