What Are Some Home Remedies for Spider Veins?


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Spider veins, also known as varicose veins, can be treated at home through exercise, elevation, increased body movement and weight management, according to WebMD. Most of the time a person can treat the spider veins at home without the need for a doctor.

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What Are Some Home Remedies for Spider Veins?
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One of the first steps that a person can take to get rid of spider veins is to start an exercise program that increases their daily amount of exercise. This should be something that gets their heart rate up whether that is a brisk walk, a slight jog or a flat out sprint. The next step is going to involve obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight. This can be achieved through exercise and diet. It is also recommended that people not spend too much time in one position, such as standing or sitting.

Wearing compression stockings is another easy step that can be taken to help halt the progression of the problem, although it is unlikely to reverse the existing marks. With spider veins, it is necessary to be aware of potential blood clots that can occur if the legs are in a severe accident and become bruised, notes WebMD. If this happens, see a doctor. If there are other symptoms or complications, such as bleeding or sores, that make the spider veins difficult to tolerate at home, then it is also best to see a doctor.

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