What Are Some Home Remedies for Removing Skin Moles?


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Using nail clippers or pastes are some methods of removing moles at home, but home removal can cause scarring, infection and bleeding, warns WebMD. The safest way to remove a mole is to have a physician or medical professional remove it.

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Medical professionals remove moles by shaving the excess skin with surgical scissors or a scalpel, explains WebMD. Moles that have growing cells underneath the skin may require a deeper cut to prevent regrowth. Physicians also remove moles by freezing the portion of the skin with liquid nitrogen. Doctors spray or swab cold nitrogen on the affected area of the skin so that it can freeze, dry and fall off. Some patients develop a small blister where the mole was located, but the blister heals naturally.

An additional method medical professionals use to remove a mole is to burn it off the skin, according to WebMD. Physicians use a hot wire with electric current to burn upper layers of the skin near the mole. This method may take several attempts to remove the mole, but bleeding is minimal because the heat prevents bleeding. In-office procedures may be slightly painful, but most medical professionals numb the area of the skin before freezing, cutting or shaving off a mole. Most procedures to remove a mole that a physician performs do not leave marks or scars on the skin.

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