What Are Some Home Remedies for Removing a Corn?


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Individuals can remove a corn at home by soaking the foot in warm, soapy water before rubbing off the softened skin with a pumice stone, as recommended by Mayo Clinic. Other home remedies include applying lemon juice, onion, vitamin A or vitamin E to the corn, according to Reader's Digest.

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Individuals can use a pumice stone, nail file, washcloth or emery board to trim down the thickened skin of a corn, but they should avoid using sharp objects, as instructed by Mayo Clinic. Diabetic individuals should avoid this technique due to their heightened risk of infection. Care should be taken when using over-the-counter corn removal medications, which contain salicylic acid that can irritate healthy skin and increase the risk of infection.

Individuals can also apply a capsule of vitamin E or A and gently rub it into the corn just before going to bed. They should then wait a few minutes before placing a clean cotton sock on the foot until morning, as stated by Reader's Digest. Another method is to secure a slice of lemon peel or vinegar-soaked onion on the corn using a bandage before applying the sock. These methods may be repeated each night until the corn falls off or is soft enough to remove.

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