What Are Some Home Remedies for Removing Calluses?


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Home remedies for calluses include soaking the affected area in water, moisturizing the affected area, using nonprescription pads and wearing shoes that fit well, according to Mayo Clinic. Scraping off thickened skin after bathing may help to remove calluses as well.

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Soaking the hands or feet in warm, foamy water before removing the calluses may be helpful, states Mayo Clinic. Applying appropriate moisturizer to the hands and feet may help as well. After bathing, the patient should use a clean washcloth, pumice stone, emery board or nail file to remove calluses. Diabetics easily contract infections, so they should avoid using pumice stones to rub off calluses.

Wearing shoes and socks that fit well may help relieve symptoms or prevent calluses from forming, explains Mayo Clinic. Patients should be careful when using over-the-counter pads because they contain salicylic acid, which may irritate the skin and trigger infections. Hammertoes, bunions and other foot deformities may render a person vulnerable to calluses.

To prevent calluses from occurring, individuals should cover their feet with bandages, use toe separators and wear gloves when working with hand tools or use cloth tapes to wrap around tool handles, states Mayo Clinic. Diabetics and other people with certain underlying conditions should seek medical advice before starting treatment.

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