What Are Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes?


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Some home remedies for puffy eyes include applying different substances to them, such as ice packs, cold cucumber slices, grated potato, teabags and cold water. Some other home solutions to this problem are to use an eye mask or apply an eye cream formulated to reduce puffiness.

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Application of any of these remedies over the eyelid area can help with eye puffiness caused by insufficient sleep, stress, a high intake of sodium in a diet or an allergy symptom. If the condition is due to high sodium intake, then a reduction in salt use and drinking more water also may help with the symptom of eye puffiness. However, there are other medical conditions that can also cause eye puffiness, such as an eye infection or blepharitis. For these medical conditions, a consultation with a doctor may be necessary to receive the proper treatment.

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