Are There Any Home Remedies for Painful Menstruation?


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Common home remedies for painful menstruation include physical exercise, the use of heat and drinking water, according to Healthline. Eating foods such as ginger, papaya, cinnamon, brown rice and foods rich in calcium also help reduce menstrual pain.

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Drinking water prevents retention of water in the body, which helps avoid painful bloating during menstruation, explains Healthline. Hot liquids speed the flow of blood to the skin. This eliminates menstrual pain by relaxing the cramping muscles. Applying heat to the lower back and abdomen may help eliminate the pain. A hot towel can be used in the absence of a hot water bottle and a heating pad.

Exercise such as walking and yoga helps the body produce endorphins, which act as a mood lifter and natural painkiller, states Healthline. Exercise may also cause increased blood flow, stress relief and relaxation.

Eating foods rich in calcium aids in reducing menstrual cramps, says Healthline. Patients ages 19 to 50 years should consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. Foods rich in calcium include almonds, dairy products, sesame seeds and leafy green vegetables. Patients should avoid foods such as carbonated beverages, fatty foods and alcohol, as these foods can cause water retention and bloating.

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