What Are the Home Remedies for Migraine?

What Are the Home Remedies for Migraine?

Home remedies for a migraine headache include relaxation exercises, relaxation in a dark area, and adherence to a regular sleep schedule. These treatments often ease the pain of an existing headache and can keep other migraines from developing, notes Mayo Clinic.

Relaxation exercises include such practices as yoga and progressive muscle relaxation. Meditation also involves relaxing the entire body. Finding ways to drain tension from the body can ameliorate the discomfort that comes with a migraine, according to Mayo Clinic.

When a migraine is coming on, it helps to lie down in a quiet, dark room with an ice pack. Wrapping the cold pack in a cloth and lying down on it so that it is beneath the back of the neck and applying gentle pressure to the most painful parts of the scalp can ease the pain of a migraine as well. Having a regular sleep schedule, including consistent times for going to bed and waking up, is a good way to prevent migraines, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

A pattern of migraine headaches requires medical attention. Keeping a diary of headaches, noting any triggers, time of day, severity of pain, as well as any treatment attempted, helps both patient and doctor understand the triggers and determine the most effective program for ongoing management, states Mayo Clinic.

Migraine headaches are caused by the enlargement of blood vessels in the brain and the release of chemicals from tissue surrounding these vessels, according to Medical News Today. The release of these chemicals can cause inflammation, which can also increase pain. A common household spice is cayenne pepper, and the capsaicin in it has been known to work as an effective anti-inflammatory, according to Reader's Digest.

WebMD suggests aromatherapy with essential oils, either through inhaling the aromas or by rubbing small amounts of the oils on the temples during a migraine headache. Essential oils are thought to change the perception of pain and to encourage relaxation. Oils that are noted to be helpful are lavender, ginger and peppermint oils, says WebMD.

It is also believed that salt is a migraine cure; putting copious amounts of regular table salt in a glass of lemonade or lime juice and drinking it can relieve the pain of migraines quickly, according to Nature Hacks, who also suggests rubbing a wedge of lime across the forehead.