What Are the Home Remedies for Mange?


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While anti-parasitic medication may be necessary in advanced cases of mange, common home remedies include hydrogen peroxide and borax, honey, or lemon, reports Home Remedy Shop. It is important to identify the species of mite causing the outbreak to treat mange appropriately.

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What Are the Home Remedies for Mange?
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Mange can be caused by two different species of microscopic mites, according to Home Remedy Shop. Sarcoptic mange is the more contagious of the two species and requires the animal or person to be isolated from others to prevent spread of mange. Demodectic mange can be the more difficult to treat because it causes large sores and accompanying bacterial infections. Some adult animals never completely recover from demodectic mange and require therapy throughout their lives to control it.

One percent hydrogen peroxide and borax in water can be used to treat a mangy animal, reports Home Remedy Shop. The solution should not be dried off the body, however, and must be used daily for up to two weeks. Caution is urged with this solution, as borax can cause an upset stomach in dogs if ingested. Honey can be applied topically to itchy skin or sores but should be wiped off to prevent insects from feeding. Lemon-infused water can also be used as a body wash to treat mange. To treat crusty skin of the ears, Home Remedy Shop recommends 2 tablespoons of whole yogurt.

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