What Are Some Home Remedies for Food Poisoning?


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According to Mayo Clinic, home remedies for food poisoning include drinking liquids and eating mild foods in order to replenish lost fluids and provide comfort to the digestive system. Generally, symptoms resolve on their own, but in certain cases, medical treatments such as intravenous fluids or antibiotics may be needed to treat severe dehydration or bacterial food poisoning.

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What Are Some Home Remedies for Food Poisoning?
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Other natural remedies for food poisoning include probiotics and herbal supplements such as dragon's blood or Andrographis, according to Prevention magazine. Ginger herbal tea can help to minimize queasiness, while taking probiotics or eating yogurt containing live and active cultures can encourage healthy bacterial growth in the digestive system.

Individuals suffering from severe dehydration and experiencing food poisoning symptoms following consumption of seafood or mushrooms should seek emergency medical assistance, WebMD advises. They should refrain from eating solid foods until symptoms of vomiting subside. Taking small sips of carbonated soda and eating soda crackers can help to manage symptoms of nausea.

Sufferers should consult with a medical professional if their symptoms last longer than three days, according to WebMD. Following a bout of food poisoning, sufferers should avoid fried, greasy foods and only consume soft, bland foods such as rice, bananas and bread.

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