What Are Some Home Remedies for Ear Infections?

home-remedies-ear-infections Credit: Sharon Dominick/E+/Getty Images

Choose Natural advises that several drops of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear are effective against an ear infection. Sipping water helps to open the eustachian tube, and elevating the mattress the affected individual is sleeping on can help drain ear fluid. One or two drops of warm olive oil or two or three drops of warm onion juice in both ears also helps.

According to WebMD, heat applied directly to the affected ear in the form of a warm washcloth is effective in relieving the pain of an ear infection. Ear infections that are treated at home only require rest as the body fights the infection without help. Severe ear infections require medical attention. To alleviate pain, take an over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Aleve or Tylenol.

Mayo Clinic notes that an ear infection is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection in the middle ear. It becomes painful because of inflammation and fluid buildup. Severe infections and infections in infants require medical assistance, as persistent and severe ear infections can cause complications and hearing loss. Symptoms of an ear infection include pain in the ear especially when lying down, imbalance, decreased hearing and decreased appetite and fever. Children who have an ear infection but are too young to communicate pain in their ear are at times observed to be irritable or having trouble sleeping. They are also observed pulling or tugging on the affected ear and crying more than usual.