What Are Some Home Remedies for Dizziness?


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Most home remedies for dizziness don’t work since vertigo can resolve itself after a few days without such remedies, according to MedicineNet. Effective treatments include the Epley maneuver, medication and vestibular rehabilitation habituation exercises. Maneuvers and rehabilitation exercises should be done on a regular basis to effectively treat vertigo.

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What Are Some Home Remedies for Dizziness?
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The Epley maneuver involves a series of head movements meant to stimulate loose crystals in the ear in order to decrease irritation, notes MedicineNet. It's best that the maneuver only be employed by an experienced physical therapist or health care professional since it can exacerbate dizziness.

Vestibular rehabilitation habituation exercises combine eye and head movements intended to lower inner ear nerve sensitivity, states MedicineNet. In addition to habituation exercises and maneuvers, medications such as diazepam, meclizine and other benzodiazepine medications can be used to treat vertigo. One of the side effects of taking such medications is drowsiness. Medication is used to treat the symptoms associated with vertigo, but not vertigo itself.

A person who suffers from vertigo can control his risk factors by making sure his blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and blood glucose remain within healthy levels, according to MedicineNet. A person who suffers from Meniere's disease and experiences vertigo should control his salt intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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