What Home Remedies Cure Diarrhea?


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Home remedies to cure diarrhea include eating bananas, white rice, applesauce and toast, known as the BRAT diet, along with chicken soup and salty crackers, according to Cleveland Clinic. Diarrhea is typically a minor occurrence that lasts about a day. Drinking salty and sugary beverages prevents dehydration.

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Sugar aids the body's ability to absorb salt and salt slows the body's loss of fluid, which is why chicken soup and salty crackers are effective, explains Cleveland Clinic. High in potassium and low in fiber, bananas help restore lost nutrients and produce firmer stool. Other beneficial foods for diarrhea include skinless baked chicken, skinless boiled or baked potatoes, and oatmeal. When treating diarrhea, it's best to avoid consuming high-fiber foods and most dairy products.

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