What Are Some Home Remedies for Congestion?


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Everyday Health states that the use of a humidifier, vaporizer or neti pot; utilizing menthol and eucalyptus oil; eating garlic and adjusting sleeping techniques relieve congestion. A doctor should be consulted if these home remedies do not relieve congestion after seven to 10 days.

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What Are Some Home Remedies for Congestion?
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According to Everyday Health, warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers and vaporizers moisturize the air, which thins mucus in the nose. Using a humidifier while sleeping is especially helpful in thinning out mucus. Filling a neti pot with a solution of warm water mixed with sea or pharmaceutical salt and then inserting the spout into one nostril while tilting the head to the side irrigates the nasal passages. It can be used every day, and it reduces chronic nasal and sinus issues more effectively than saline sprays. Menthol provides short-term sinus-congestion relief by simulating the sensation of an increased flow of air through the nose, and adding drops of eucalyptus oil to a steaming bowl of water before draping a towel over the head and breathing in the steam for 10 minutes loosens mucus in nasal passages. Everyday Health also suggests eating garlic or inhaling garlic steam and using extra pillows to encourage nasal drainage and relieve congestion.

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