What Are Some Home Remedies for Cold Feet?


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Speedy Remedies recommends a few ways to help with cold feet, including sprinkling cayenne pepper in socks, using a warm foot bath and drinking ginger tea. Massage is another way to warm up the feet.

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To use cayenne pepper to warm up feet, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of the powder into socks, suggests Speedy Remedies. This helps with blood circulation. To avoid rash, wear a thin pair of socks, sprinkle the cayenne on top, then wear another pair of socks on top.

Use warm water by itself, or add Epsom salt, peppermint essential oil or ginger essential oil, states Speedy Remedies. Slowly put feet into the bath to avoid shocking the system. Ginger tea helps with circulation in the body, including the feet. Massaging the feet with warm oil, such as ginger or wheat germ, improves blood flow.

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