What Are Some Home Remedies to Clear up a Herpes Rash?


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Propolis ointment, prunella vulgaris supplements and warm baths are some home remedies that are possibly effective in treating herpes rashes, according to WebMD. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved prunella vulgaris or propolis for medicinal use as of 2015.

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One study compared ointments containing bee propolis, the antiviral drug acyclovir and a placebo. According to the results of this study, bee propolis ointments may be slightly more effective than acyclovir at healing sores caused by genital herpes, explains WebMD.

A warm bath may help temporarily relieve itching and pain caused by a herpes rash, notes How Stuff Works. Herpes sores heal faster when kept dry; therefore, a sufferer should dry the area thoroughly after exiting the bath.

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