What Are Some Home Remedies for a Chest Cold?


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Some home remedies for a chest cold are drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, have some soup, increase humidity in the home and use natural ingredients for a cough. Some symptoms of a chest cold are chest congestion and a wet cough that brings up mucus. To alleviate the symptom of chest congestion, drink plenty of fluids, such as water, herbal teas and juices, notes WebMD.

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Chicken soup may also help with chest congestion because it can aid in moving mucus buildup out through the nasal passages, states Mayo Clinic. Drinking these different fluids can keep a patient hydrated and help to thin out chest congestion. However, it is wise to stay away from alcoholic or caffeinated beverages as they can cause dehydration.

Another home remedy for congestion or breathing difficulties is to use a humidifier in a room to increase moisture levels. Similarly, inhaling in steam vapors can aid in loosening congestion and facilitate breathing.

When chest congestion causes a bad nighttime cough, honey in warm water or plain honey is a simple remedy that can bring relief. Based on a study with 105 children, honey was found to be a natural cough suppressant that may be a better treatment than an OTC cough suppressant medication, according to an ABC News report. Honey is also useful for an irritated throat.

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