What Are Some Home Remedies for Blepharitis?


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Home remedies for blepharitis include cleaning the eyes daily, lubricating the eyes and controlling dandruff and mites if they contribute to blepharitis, according to Mayo Clinic. If home remedies and insufficient, steroid treatment and antibiotics can be used, reports Healthline.

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A daily self-care remedy for blepharitis involves cleaning the eyes up to four times daily, explains Mayo Clinic. Applying a warm compress over closed eyes for a few minutes helps get rid of the crusty deposits on the eyelids. It is prudent to wash away any debris of oil on the edge of the eyelashes using a washcloth soaked in warm water and some drops of dilute baby shampoo. Using horizontal strokes, an individual should clean one eye at a time while closed by rubbing the washcloth over the lid margins and eyelashes, notes WebMD. It is important to rinse the eyes with a wet, clean, warm washcloth and pat dry.

If the eyes have no infection, an individual can use ointment, eye drops or steroids to lessen the inflammation, explains Healthline. Lubricating eye drops help with eye irritation when the eyes get excessively dry. Lubricating the eyes can also be achieved with artificial tears, which are available over-the-counter, says Mayo Clinic. It is prudent to use a dandruff shampoo or tea tree shampoo to control dandruff and mites if they are contributing to the progression of blepharitis.

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