What Are Home Remedies for Asthma?


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According to HowStuffWorks, some home remedies for asthma include exercising, breathing deeply, eating right and learning to relax. For instance, exercising is considered a good home remedy because it improves lung capacity and helps asthmatics to breathe raggedly without undergoing an attack. However, asthmatics should start exercising at a low pace before increasing speed and intensity.

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HowStuffWorks explains that some foods such as shellfish, nuts, dairy and eggs bring on an asthmatic attack as a symptom of an allergic reaction. At the very least, an asthmatic should monitor the food she eats and avoid those that usually exacerbate symptoms. Children often experience asthma attacks after eating milk or wheat. When an asthmatic eats, she needs to eat at a slow pace. Eating quickly, too much or while talking can bring on an attack.

Sometimes stress can cause asthma attacks, notes HowStuffWorks. One home remedy is relaxation. An asthmatic needs to take a few minutes every day to sit back and unwind. For instance, there are abdominal breathing techniques that help to ease breathing, reports WebMD. Dr. Pat Bass for About.com mentions eating chili peppers as another possible home remedy. Hot spices tend to open up airways, which improves breathing. Chili peppers also have anti-inflammatory properties.

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