Do Home Oxygen Level Test Kits for COPD Patients Exist?

home-oxygen-level-test-kits-copd-patients-exist Credit: Craig Holmes/age fotostock/Getty Images

There are home oxygen level test kits for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. The testing of oxygen level is performed using a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeer that is meant for home testing comes with a probe and a digital readout. The probe is set on a person's earlobe, finger or any other body part to determine the oxygen level in the hemoglobin, which is in the red blood cells.

The probe's microprocessor calculates the oxygen level of arterial hemoglobin and venous hemoglobin based on their absorption of the radiated light from the probe's light source. The microprocessor's calculation is then converted accordingly and displayed on the digital readout as the person's blood oxygen level.