What Are Some Home Cures for Impetigo?


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Cleaning the affected area with an antibacterial wash or water several times a day can help improve the impetigo, according to Healthline. A person can apply an ointment containing bacitracin or over-the-counter antibiotic cream to infections that haven’t spread to other areas, explains Mayo Clinic.

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A doctor may recommend basic hygiene as the method of healing the skin from impetigo and preventing further spread of the infection, explains Healthline. Water or an antibacterial wash helps calm the sores. Sufferers should avoid scrubbing the affected area during washing to prevent skin irritation. Washing hands thoroughly after coming in contact with the affected skin or using a non-stick bandage on the sores may help to prevent further infection, and avoiding schools and childcare centers may keep the infection from spreading to others.

Children's fingers should be kept clean and short to prevent them from scratching the infected areas, recommends WebMD. It is prudent to pat the skin dry before applying an antibacterial ointment as prescribed by a doctor. Soaking crusty sores in warm water for about fifteen minutes enables the crust to be removed using a washcloth, notes WebMD. It is prudent to avoid sharing washcloths, clothes, sheets, pillows and towels, as these items may spread the infection.

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