What Are Some Home Cures for Back Pain?


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Proper sitting, stretching and sleeping on the back are practices that can be done at home to help cure back pain, notes Healthline. Stress management may also aid in relieving back pain.

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What Are Some Home Cures for Back Pain?
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Stretching should be frequent but gentle, so as to avoid causing more pain, notes Healthline. Stretching loosens stiff muscles and strengthens the weak ones. The patient may consult a doctor prior to doing this exercise. When sitting, a patient with back pain should keep the feet flat on the floor and should not lean forward.

When sleeping, a patient with back pain should put a pillow underneath his feet so as to feel relaxed, explains Healthline. A side sleeper can put a pillow between his legs to allow the muscles to relax. A massage can also help to relieve back pain. The massage should be gently done with medicated ointments or rubs.

Having breaks between physical activities, particularly for patients who experience pain during such activities, can alleviate back pain, according to Healthline. These breaks make the patient feel calmer, resulting in a relaxed feeling. Over-the-counter drugs can help in alleviating serious back pain. A patient whose pain persists even after taking these medicines should consult a doctor in order to avoid negative side effects.

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