What Are Some Home Cures for Athlete's Foot?


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Home treatment for athlete's foot generally consists of using over-the-counter medicines and maintaining hygiene on the feet, as stated by WebMD. People with diabetes or chronic infections should see their physician for stronger forms of treatment.

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What Are Some Home Cures for Athlete's Foot?
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Over-the-counter medications designed to help athlete's foot include miconazole, branded as Micatin; tolnaftate, branded as Tinactin; terbinafine, branded as Lamisil; and clotrimazole, branded as Lotrimin. These come in various forms (swabs, ointments, gels or solutions) applied topically. Treatment regimens last between one and six weeks, notes WebMD.

People with a blistering form of athlete's foot should soak their feet in Burow's solution a few times a day for at least three days until the fluid from the blister is all gone. At that point, an antifungal cream is the best remedy. It's important to use all the medicine, so that the disease does not come back, reports WebMD.

Proper foot hygiene to treat athlete's foot at home includes keeping feet dry and clean and wearing shower sandals in public bathing areas. Drying between toes after bathing or swimming, wearing socks without shoes while inside and using socks to soak up sweat are all strategies that fight athlete's foot. Putting socks on before underwear and drying the groin before the feet keep the infection from moving to your groin and initiating jock itch, according to WebMD.

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