What Are Some Home Cures for Acid Reflux?


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Home cures for acid reflux, commonly called heartburn, include spacing out food consumption throughout the day, avoiding eating several hours before bedtime, maintaining a regular exercise routine and ceasing smoking, if it is a habit. Acid reflux brings discomfort and irritation, but several home remedies demonstrate potential for relief. Throughout the day, people can reduce their symptoms through dietary control, and can even chew gum for relief in between meals, as gum prevents acid from rising through the esophagus, say experts at WebMD.

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What Are Some Home Cures for Acid Reflux?
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In addition to timing meals for acid reflux relief, people ideally refrain from certain foods that trigger heartburn and indigestion. Common culprits include caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits and their byproducts, onions, tomatoes, carbonated beverages and even peppermint. Foods high in fat may also trigger acid reflux. People can alleviate symptoms by eating throughout the day rather than consuming large quantities at once. Aiming for several small meals, rather than the three traditional larger American meals, may help, states WebMD. Chewing slowly and thoroughly might also alleviate symptoms. At night, sleeping with the head elevated can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. Patients who are overweight may find relief from losing extra pounds as excess abdominal fat pushes against the stomach, forcing acid upwards. Wearing looser pants helps, too, as tight waistbands also put pressure against the stomach.

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