What Is Home Assistance for Seniors?

What Is Home Assistance for Seniors?

Home assistance provides the services a senior adult needs to remain in his home. While not all seniors can live at home, senior services help seniors overcome the barriers that prevent this from happening.

Home care is not an option for all seniors. Some homes are not suited to this type of care and may require modifications. Other seniors may live too far from the services they require for healthy living. In locations where seniors have access to home assistance services, the client may receive help with transportation, personal care, meal preparation and home maintenance.

The assistant sometimes drives the client’s vehicle or his own personal vehicle to take the client shopping or to medical appointments. Some seniors require help with shopping for food and cooking meals that meet their dietary needs. With cognitive impairments, cooking becomes especially challenging and may present a dangerous risk without assistance.

The senior might require help with personal care such as bathing or toileting. Without assistance, many seniors find it necessary to leave their home for an assisted living facility. Using home assistance may allow a senior to remain at home in more familiar and comfortable settings.

Seniors may also lack the stamina or mobility to take care of basic home maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, sweeping or mopping floors. Others require help with washing and putting away dishes.