What Are Some Holistic Ways to Treat Painful Corns Between Toes?


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People who want to treat painful corns between toes can try altering their footwear, soaking them in warm water before wearing them down and protecting their feet with padded products, WebMD states. Alternatively, some salicylic acid based products allow patients to treat corns at home.

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Patients who are looking for a holistic approach to treating corns can try altering their footwear, according to WebMD. This includes wearing shoes that offer plenty of room around the toes, which prevents them from pressing together and exerting pressure onto the corns. In addition, patients should ensure their shoes are deep, as this prevents pressure from the tip of the shoes onto the corns. Some people may wish to add padding to their feet in the form of toe separators, moleskins and toe crest pads, which alleviates the pressure further.

Individuals who are interested in reducing the size of their corns can do so holistically or they can use products containing salicylic acid, WebMD claims. The holistic approach involves soaking the toes in warm water, before using a pumice stone to gently break them down. If this does not work, applying salicylic acid is an alternative, however patients with diabetes should avoid doing so without the guidance of a physician.

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