Who Holds the 2015 World-Record Biceps for Women?


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Juli Moody, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, holds the 2012 world record for largest recorded female biceps. As of 2015, no one has broken her record. Her biceps measure 16.25 inches in diameter when flexed.

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Juli Moody, known as the Dare Factor, is an athlete specializing in stunts, strength and bodybuilding. In addition to having the world's largest female biceps, she holds the female world records for Longest Time Restraining a Running Harley Davidson Motorcycle Using Hand Grip, from September 2014; Longest Time to Keep Four Running Motorcycles Stopped, from September 2013; Largest Vehicle Pulled, from September 2013; and Longest Time to Keep Two Motorcycles Stopped With Arms, set in August 2012.

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