What Does HIV Treatment Consist Of?


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HIV treatment consists of various medications that fight off the complications that are associated with the disease, as stated by the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. The goal of treatment for HIV is to manage the symptoms of the disease since there is no cure for HIV or AIDS, as of 2015.

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What Does HIV Treatment Consist Of?
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Treatments are formulated to reduce the level of HIV in the body, decrease complications and boost the immune system. The stage of the disease, additional health problems of the patient and the patient's desire to begin therapy are all factored into a treatment plan.

Medications that keep HIV from duplicating are a first-line of HIV treatment. These drugs are classified as nuceloside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and are marketed under names like Epivir, Viread and Retrovir.

Protease inhibitors are also used in HIV treatment. These drugs interrupt the replication of the virus in later stages in its life cycle. These drugs include Norvir, Crixivan and Lexiva, among others.

Other medications used in treating HIV include fusion inhibitors that prevent the virus from fusing with the interior of a cell, which in effect halts replication. Highly active antiretroviral therapy is also an option. This treatment includes antiretroviral medications and protease inhibitors that work to slow the replication rate of the virus.

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