How Do You Hit a Speed Bag?


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To hit a speed bag, stand in front of the bag and raise your arms to ear level (your elbows should remain at chest level). Make two fists with your hands. Punch the speed bag once, wait three seconds, and then punch the bag again.

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  1. Find and maintain your balance

    Stand on the balls of your feet in front of the speed bag. Move your legs so they are about 3 feet apart. Compress your core muscles to maintain balance during your workout.

  2. Position your arms and hands

    Raise your arms and make a fist with both hands. Keep your knuckles pointing slightly inward so only the outer part of your fist makes contact with the speed bag.

  3. Determine a punching rhythm

    Punch the speed bag once with either your right or left fist and wait for the bag to swing back, front and then back again. Hit the speed bag again with your other fist. Pause and wait for the bag to swing back and forth three more times before striking it again. Change your punching rhythm by pausing for shorter or longer amounts of time between hits or by alternating between your right and left fist more or less often.

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