What Is the History of Brain Cancer?


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The earliest known description of cancer is found in seven papyri of Egypt, which were discovered in the 19th century. These documents give an overview of cancer and how it affected people in the past. However, cancers of almost all types are believed to have been in existence throughout history, states MedicalDaily.com.

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According to one of the ancient Egyptian writings, physicians tried to treat this condition on several occasions without success. The record concludes that the condition does not have a cure. People of the past tried treating the condition through blood-letting and special diets, but this did not achieve any success.

After struggling with the condition for quite some time, people became discouraged and lost interest in finding a cure. However, during the Renaissance, renewed interest in the human body led to various exploits including dissecting the body. With various attempts, people found out that it was possible to manage the condition by surgically removing surface tumors in many cases, states MedicalDaily.com.

In 1775, a British surgeon named Percival Pott was the first to discover that certain types of cancer can be caused by carcinogens in chimney soot. People who worked in fields that involved contact with chimneys reported more cases of scrotum cancer than anyone else. It was in 1902 that scientists started making great leaps in learning more about the condition. This knowledge has steadily increased, leading to better understanding and management or treatment techniques.

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