What Makes Hips Hurt?


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There are many different conditions that can create hip pain including hip fractures, bone infections, joint infections near the hip, osteonecrosis in the hip, labral tears in the hip, arthritis and pain in the hip from groin strain or a hamstring pull, according to WebMD. Pain the hip can also mean that the person is having problems with his or her back that is causing the pain in the hip.

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To take care of hip pain, there are a couple of things that can be done at home. However, in all cases of unknown hip pain, a person should make a visit to his or her primary physician to help determine the cause.

At home, a person can lose weight if overweight to ease the pressure on the hip. Even losing just a few pounds can make a great difference. Wearing cushioned shoes that are flat will provide additional comfort as will spending more time sitting instead of standing. When the person is standing, he or she should ensure that the weight of the body is situated evenly on both legs. When sleeping, the person should sleep on whatever side of the body that is not in pain and should try placing a pillow in between the knees for additional support.

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