What Is Hip Bone Spur Surgery?

Hip bone spur surgery is a surgical procedure where physicians open the hip joint by making incisions and clean out the bone spurs and loose bodies in the hip, explains the Hospital for Special Surgery. Surgeons insert instruments to shave off tissue and remove bone spurs. It may also be necessary to drill holes into parts of the bare hip bone to encourage the formation of cartilage that has been lost.

Surgeons pump saline through the hip joint during surgery to flush out debrided tissue and improve visualization during the surgery, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery. The surgery may require two or more small incisions to allow surgeons to access the hip joint and remove bone spurs. Incisions are stitched following the procedure.

Surgeons often inject the hip with local anesthetic once the bone spurs are removed to help decrease postoperative pain associated with the procedure, explains the Hospital for Special Surgery. Patients are equipped with crutches, a walker or a scooter to avoid bearing full weight on the hip for the first few days or weeks after surgery, depending upon the patient's medical history, age and physical condition. Physicians often prescribe physical therapy to increase strength and range of motion.