What Hinders Muscle Growth?


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Training the muscles too hard degrades muscle tissue, according to Health Guidance. Working out for too long prevents muscle growth. Not getting enough sleep hinders the body from developing muscle. Alcohol negatively affects muscle and other parts of the body. A protein deficiency in the body is another cause of muscle loss.

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What Hinders Muscle Growth?
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Health Guidance further notes that muscles that are being worked too hard do not have enough time to recover from the stress of previous workouts. Training each muscle group once or twice a week lowers further muscle stress. When the body works out for too long, cortisol levels increase in the body, which downgrades muscle mass. To increase muscle development, consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight. Getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night enhances the muscles. Changing workout routines every six to eight weeks prevent the muscles from adapting to the workout.

BodyBuilding.com notes that not doing enough sets stall muscle development. Doing anywhere from 12 to 20 sets for each muscle group each week is the best way to maximize muscle growth. Avoiding isolation exercises may be another problem. Isolation exercise specifically targets weak areas of the body. Isolation and compound exercises in conjunction foster muscle development.

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