What Are Some Highly Rated Workout Videos?


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"The Total Package," "Shaun T's Rockin Body DVD Workout" and "The Lower-Body Blaster" are three of the highest rated workout videos on the market, as of December 2015. Each of these videos promises an intense but relatively brief workout that promises to burn calories and build muscle.

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"The Total Package" DVD set includes ten 25 minute workouts from Tony Horton, the founder of the hugely popular P90X workout routine. This box set includes instructional videos that strengthen the entire body, as well as the core.

"Shaun T's Rockin Body DVD Workout" packs a serious punch when it comes to burning calories. The video contains nine dance based exercise routines that vary in length from 15 to 45 minutes, and it claims it can help the viewer burn up to 1,500 calories a day. It currently sits close to the top of Amazon's list of best selling workout DVDS.

"The Lower-Body Blaster" features seven 10 minute workouts that focus on toning up the legs and lower back. It offers a pilates-based barre program that helps users stretch as they exercise, leaving them relaxed and refreshed afterwards. It is also targeted towards beginners, making it perfect for people with little fitness experience who want to begin a healthy exercise routine.

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