What Are Some Highly-Rated Probiotics Supplements According to Experts?


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Expert recommended probiotic supplement brands include VSL#3, Bio-K, Metagenics, Pharmax and Culturelle, suggests Dr. Woodson Merrell, a specialist at Rodale Wellness. Other recommended brands include Align, Florastor and RepHresh Pro-B.

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Probiotics are known to aid in digestion, synthesize nutrients and even boost the immune system as some studies indicate, states Rodale Wellness. Individuals who are unable to obtain adequate probiotics from their nutritional intake can use probiotic supplements, which are available in powdered form, liquid shots and pills.

Align contains the probiotic strain Bifantis, which is said to preserve digestive balance in the body, notes Women's Health. Florastor provides relief from loose bowel movements that are linked to antibiotics, while RepHresh Pro-B is clinical proven to balance fungal and bacterial flora in the body.

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