How Do You Find a Highly Rated Physical Therapist?


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A doctor can provide a recommendation and referral to a highly rated physical therapist. Additionally, a friend or family member may be able to recommend a good physical therapist, reports physical therapy expert Brett Sears for About.com.

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Medical doctors commonly have professional relationships with physical therapists. A medical doctor can recommend a specific and highly rated physical therapist who is most capable of providing the type of treatment a patient requires, according to Sears. Additionally, a local hospital can provide contact information for the outpatient physical therapy clinic to which hospital patients are referred.

A friend or family member who has visited a physical therapist is a valuable resource for providing a review of a physical therapy treatment experience. Asking a friend or family member about his treatment experience can provide a patient with an unbiased opinion of the physical therapist's ability to treat patients. Additionally, a friend or family member already having received treatment can provide insight into the nature of the professional relationship the therapist develops with his patients, explains Sears.

When searching for a highly rated physical therapist specializing in a certain area, it is important for a person to determine the specific qualifications a practitioner possesses. Passing extensive testing and performing many hours of practice at treating a specific condition are requirements for becoming a board-certified physical therapist, states Sears. Before choosing a practitioner, a patient might ask a physical therapist whether he is board-certified and has an area of expertise.

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