What Are Some Highly Rated Over-the-Counter Medications for Diarrhea?


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Some examples of highly rated over-the-counter medications for treating diarrhea include Imodium and Pepto-Bismol, according to user reviews on Amazon.com. Diarrhea is loose, watery stool usually caused by bacterial or viral infections, reports WedMD.

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Imodium is the brand name for the medication loperamide, explains the American Academy of Family Physicians. This over-the-counter medication treats diarrhea by slowing down how fast stool moves through the intestines, allowing the absorption of more fluid and resulting in less water in the stool.

Pepto-Bismol is the brand name for the over-the-counter medication bismuth subsalicylate, which influences the absorption of fluid in the intestines, reduces inflammation and prevents the growth of certain bacteria and viruses that can cause diarrhea, notes the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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