What Are Some Highly Rated Free Diet Plans?

What Are Some Highly Rated Free Diet Plans?

Some highly rated diet plans include the DASH diet, Mayo Clinic Diet, TLC Diet and the Flexitarian Diet, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Each of these diets focuses on different foods and benefit dieters in different ways.

The DASH Diet focuses on eating foods with nutrients such as calcium, protein and potassium to fight off diseases like high blood pressure. The DASH Diet involves eating lots of vegetables and whole grains and while it prevents or helps eliminate certain diseases, it is also an effective weight loss diet.

The TLC Diet is also called the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet. It was created by the National Institutes of Health and targets cardiovascular health. This diet is safe and effective and dieters can modify the plan to lower cholesterol or lose weight. The plan requires dieters to eliminate foods with a high fat content and incorporate vegetables and dietary fiber.

The Flexitarian is based around vegetables, fruit and whole grains. It is a flexible diet that is easy to stick to because it gives the dieter plenty of food choices. It focuses on home-cooked meals and implementing meat substitutes such as lentils, tofu and beans, but giving up meat completely is not necessary.

Each plan is free and dieters can find plenty of information regarding each online, according to U.S. News & World Report. Other free diet plans include Volumetrics and the Biggest Loser Diet.