What Are Some Highly Rated Arthritis Gloves According to Experts?


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In 2015, some highly rated arthritis gloves include IMAK arthritis gloves, Veturo Therapy infrared arthritis gloves and Grafco wrist wraps, according to Healthline. Thermoskin arthritic gloves and Therall arthritis gloves also make Healthline's list of best arthritis gloves.

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Quality arthritis gloves relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve hand mobility, reports Healthline. All arthritis gloves depend on gentle constriction for effectiveness, but some also include open fingertips and infrared light or special materials that create heat.

In addition to using arthritis gloves, arthritis sufferers may want to consider using regular cotton gloves, especially at bedtime, to maximize the effects of medicated creams, notes Healthline.

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