What Are Some Highly Rated Appetite Boosters for Adults?


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Some recommended appetite boosters include dronabinol, steroids and natural remedies for milder cases loss of appetite. Some medications and medical treatments cause a lack of appetite that doctors treat according to the severity of the side effects.

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For short-term treatment, using natural appetite stimulants is the first recommendation by doctors and nutritionists. Peppermint and ginger boost the appetite. Adding them to a daily diet while eating smaller, more frequent meals helps to revive the body’s cravings. Eating nuts, crackers, milkshakes, juices and cheese, in addition to fruits and peanut butter is another common suggestion.

Cancer patients often experience weight loss as the result of treatment; side effects such nausea and a change in the taste of food may prompt the need for stronger medications. Doctors prescribe dronabinol for loss of appetite and other symptoms associated with cancer treatment. It is taken twice a day when used as a stimulant, and prescriptions start with low doses.

Other short-term appetite stimulants in cancer patients include prednisone. The higher the dose and the length of time used, the more the risk of side effects such as infection and weight gain. Dexamethasone is another steroid whose side effects include increase in appetite that helps patients with severe lack of appetite.

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