What Are Some Highly Ranked Group Homes for the Mentally Disabled?


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Some highly ranked group homes for the mentally disabled are the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut, LifeSkills South Florida in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Gateway Homes of Greater Richmond in Chesterfield, Virginia and Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan, according to the American Residential Treatment Association. These and other homes in ARTA's directory of facilities take varying approaches to caring for individuals with mental health conditions. Patients and their family members should research which options best fit their needs.

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At the Institute of Living, Eli's Retreat is a 13-bed group home where adult patients with mental health challenges spend varying amounts of time, explains ARTA. Some patients are able to move onto less-structured environments fairly quickly, while others spend a year or longer at the retreat. Residents participate in social activities and work on developing important life skills.

LifeSkills South Florida treats individuals with substance abuse, trauma-based disorders and other psychiatric conditions, notes the LifeSkills South Florida website. In addition to the residential facility, the organization also offers outpatient services.

Gateway Home's approach centers around the notion that people with serious mental health challenges can lead fulfilling lives, states the facility's website. The facility commonly houses patients with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression.

Rose Hill Center is a 372-acre facility, describes ARTA. At the home, residents participate in a daily structured program consisting of work, studies and practicing essential life skills.

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