What Are the Highest Ranking Vitamin C Supplements Available?


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The products with the highest amounts of overall vitamins (including vitamin C) are Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Men, Garden of Life Code Perfect Weight and Nature's Way Alive Max Potency Multivitamins, according to Labdoor tests. It should be noted, however, that the amounts actually present in the products were found to be less than claimed by the products themselves.

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The products with the highest overall vitamin counts also tend to be the most expensive, however. Labdoor also studied the best value for money supplements, based on amounts of vitamins and minerals in the product in relation to price.

Some of the best value vitamin products found were Kirkland Signature Premium Performance, Rainbow Light Men's One, and Nature's Way Alive Max Potency Vitamins.

While the highest overall quality products do contain more in the way of vitamins and minerals than the cheaper alternatives, testing found that as almost all products did not meet the vitamin level claims by more than 20 percent. Most products also tended to overstate how much vitamin A and C were present in particular.

Tests for dangerous heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, and others, were passed by all products, although coloring was found to have been used in some of the supplements and pills.

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