How Will High Protein Foods Help With Weight Loss?


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High-protein foods may help with weight loss by making a person feel fuller, resulting in less food consumption, according to Mayo Clinic. Eating high-protein foods also reduces carbohydrates, which causes the body to burn more fat for fuel, notes WebMD. Reducing carbohydrate intake may also cause rapid weight loss because the body's water level diminishes.

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People attempting to benefit from a high-protein diet should eat healthy proteins in appropriate portions, states WebMD. Seafood is usually an ideal protein selection because it tends to be low in fat. White-meat poultry is an excellent choice as long as the skin is removed. Eggs are an economical protein choice that can safely be eaten by healthy adults. Beans are a good option because they contain a significant amount of protein and fiber.

Dairy products are usually an excellent source of protein because they often also contain calcium and vitamin D, according to WebMD. Soy protein promotes a healthy heart and helps to lower cholesterol. Pork tenderloin is a healthy and lean protein option. Some meal replacement drinks or protein, energy or cereal bars can be healthy protein options if they contain at least six grams of protein and minimal amounts of fat and sugar.

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