What Are the High Protein Foods to Avoid Uric Acid?

High protein foods that do not significantly contribute to uric acid concentrations in the body are eggs, dairy products and certain nuts, reports HealthXchange.com.sg. Cold-water fish are suggested because they reduce inflammation caused by gout but still can cause a rise in uric acid concentrations.

When concentrations of uric acid become too high in the blood, crystals form in the body's joints and cause significant amounts of arthritic pain, according to HealthXchange.com.sg. This condition, known as gout, usually occurs because of a diet rich in purines. Purines are found in almost all animal- and plant-based protein sources, especially organ meats and shellfish, so it can be difficult for gout sufferers to find sources of protein that do not aggravate their symptoms.

Eggs are recommended by HealthXchange.com.sg as a protein source, as they are not a significant source of purines; however, excessive consumption of eggs is not suggested, as they contain high levels of cholesterol. Walnuts, cashews, flaxseeds and almonds are low-purine foods that also provide significant amounts of protein. Dairy products, in addition to lowering the risk of gout attacks, are recommended as a protein source. Cold-water fish, although not low in purine content, reduce inflammation caused by gout attacks and can be eaten sparingly.