What Are High-Knee Exercises?


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High-knee exercise is a type of light cardio move that involves raising and lowering the legs in repetition. No additional workout equipment is required, though some variations involve weights.

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To begin, place both feet firmly on the ground approximately shoulder-width apart. Shift the body weight onto the left leg and raise the right leg up toward the chest. Make sure to bend the knee and keep the right foot level with the ground. Hold the leg in the raised position for a few seconds, then lower the leg back to the starting position. Next, repeat the process with the right leg on the ground and the left leg raised toward the chest. One repetition consists of fully raising and lowering each leg.

The move can be modified to account for different fitness levels. For example, an easier version includes a short pause between left and right leg engagement. Shortening this pause increases difficulty for a more cardio-forced experience. Leg weights can be added to provide more resistance during the raises. Another variation involves incorporating lunges. To do this, extend the leg forward after the knee is raised instead of planting the foot back down. Hold this position for a few seconds, then return to a normal standing position and repeat with the other leg.

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